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What is theCAT?

TheCAT is the Computer Action Team, a dedicated and self-selected band of student computer enthusiasts from diverse majors and backgrounds who learn, grow, and innovate togther on the systems in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science (Maseeh College). No matter their prior knowledge, many members of TheCAT become frequent and knowledgable volunteers and student workers that provides the support of the entire Maseeh College.

TheCAT maintains User Services via mandatory front desk volunteer duty for the organization (in exchange for knowledge and systems access), dispensing user services via e-mail and in person at the desk in FAB 82-01. (See “Why Should I Join TheCAT?”)

TheCAT also runs the Maseeh College network at PSU, providing the connectivity to ensure all internal systems work together as well as a critical role in the external network connectivity of the University.

The CAT is managed by the Director of Computing for Maseeh College, (affectionately called “the topCAT”) and consists of a team of volunteers, some who are paid as student employees (based on their level of experience and skills within the organization) and a handful of full-time employees.

TheCAT currently manages the computing and networking facilities of the College, a centrally administered but distributed network of Linux, Solaris and Windows systems that span many buildings on campus, providing systems administration and configuration, software installation, user account management and configuration and the normal crisis driven fire-fighting that accompanies this type of computing environment.

To find out how theCAT has adapted to COVID-19, read this article.