Why should I join theCAT?

/Why should I join theCAT?
Why should I join theCAT?2020-09-05T13:55:02+00:00

Why should I join theCAT?

The Computer Action Team is a unique organization: while the guidance of industry veterans and full-time employees is ever present, much of the tactile work and vision in the CAT comes from the student volunteers you will be learning beside. Even though the CAT is a legitimate PSU office and workplace, it is primarily a learning environment. We provide the systems administration for the entire Maseeh College!

Come in, be eager, listen, and you’ll learn and grow in ways, and at speeds, you didn’t think you could. While the CAT is not structured like a class, there is a curriculuum offered in both the Braindump weekly lecture, hands-on Tier-1 Helpdesk experience (that you must perform to attend the Braindump lecture), and smaller “scratching hours,” what we call our Q&A mentor sessions.

Based on what sort of track you embark on, you may wind up getting after-hours access to the Maseeh College terminal rooms, our sandbox hacking room AKA “the CATacombs,” and other areas where CATs hang out. If you like coming in at 3:00AM to work on something, you will be granted that freedom once earned.

While you are providing much of the daily upkeep of our systems and services, you will receive experience in systems administration, technical documentation, team management, coding, and more. This isn’t a project in a class. This is real, production experience. Your experience in the CAT will look stellar on a resume!

If Information Technology and Systems Administration are what you want for a career, the Computer Action Team provides the initial opportunities useful to entering the field. The CAT has an excellent reputation within local industry and other departments on campus.

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