Attending the Braindump thrusts you into two different modes of operation; the front desk to understand administration and people skills and the seclusion of the CATacombs to learn methods of solving deep technical problems.

Working the front desk teaches you how to interact with and understand our users, get a big picture view of our operation, understand the administrivia needed to keep User Services going and use your rapidly growing skills to help people. We have two locations – the DOGhaus and the Kennel.

Working in the CATacombs, our sandbox area where systems can be setup, broken down, and analyzed, provides a taste of working uninterrupted on understanding and solving deep technical problems. It’s the learning environment for system administrators and a place where late night hack sessions occur.

We feel that good system administrators are forged from immersion in both these environments, regardless of what sort of IT niche they end up inhabiting. The CATacombs is also used by CATs who have spent time in one of our tracks and wants to break into a different field.