Despite the pandemic and a mostly remote PSU campus, the CAT was able to get the word out and bring in a solid turnout for the 2020 Braindump Orientation held on Oct 9th. It was our first entirely remotely-held orientation session. It was a challenge to change most of our event planning procedures but the 2019 batch, the Thundercats, were eager and up to the task. It took a lot of planning that stretched through the Summer but the orientation, using Zoom, took place flawlessly.

In addition to the usual preamble about what the CAT is, how the Braindump works, and The Deal, we had a roster of former CATs speaking about the influence their participation in the CAT played in their lives and careers. Some of the speakers were live while others were represented by prerecorded videos. The speakers represented many generations of CATs including basil (2011), rootd (1994), zinj (2000), hanna (1994), dom (2013), pri (2015), and Macro (2019).

The next step, the Induction, happens on the following Friday, Oct 16th. Orientation participants and people who signed up will receive information about the Zoom meeting address. If you missed the orientation, contact: for details or contact a CAT on our Discord server.