To continue delivering the Braindump to student volunteers and high-quality IT services to MCECS users, theCAT has incorporated video conferencing software such as Zoom and Discord into our everyday operations. Doing so has allowed us to remotely emulate the engaging social and learning environment that has been a hallmark of in-person Braindumps for the last 30 years.

Socializing in theCAT

Additionally, theCAT has set up its own dedicated Discord server that new volunteers gain access to after joining. Within it is a lively and welcoming space used to organize social events, such as game and movie nights, as well as various channels where previous and current volunteers can socialize regularly. This community has provided a convenient and fun avenue to make new friends and network with CAT alumni now working in the tech industry.

Volunteering at theCAT

Student volunteers participating in the Braindump have the opportunity to demonstrate their quickly growing IT knowledge when helping our users on the front lines for 4 hours per week. Using a variety of video conferencing and other remote tools, volunteers will get to choose between helping users remotely or in-person at our front desk in suite 82 of the Fourth Avenue Building.

Implemented safety measures

Our on-campus offices, including the front desk, have been set up to accommodate the needs and safety of all student volunteers, CATs, and visitors when the college partially reopens for the Fall 2020 quarter. These safety measures include but are not limited to:

  • Limited in-person capacity for both volunteers and users to comfortably enforce social distancing
  • Face masks required and readily provided to all volunteers
  • Routinely sanitized computers, surfaces, and equipment in all CAT spaces and MCECS labs managed by theCAT

Team participation

With these precautions in place, theCAT also facilitates safe involvement in our numerous teams for any volunteers wanting to follow their curiosity and gain technical experience in specific areas of IT. Like with volunteering on the front lines, all team participation can be done remotely or in-person, depending on the preference of each volunteer.