If you are interested in joining the CAT, the 29th CAT Braindump year is about to begin. You can only join the CAT at the start of the Braindump year. At 6pm on Friday, October 11th (in EB 102), we will be having our orientation session to give prospective volunteers a view into the CAT.

What is orientation about?

We talk about who we are, what we do, the Braindump, what it takes, and The Deal. Hear from people who took the challenge and find out where it took them. (You will hear from past and present CATs going back to the early 90s.)

How can this Braindump help me?

Learn everything we know about running systems and networks in exchange for your time. Explore roles in IT (sysadmin, networking, user support, application development, IT management, etc.) while building up your technical chops. It’s real world experience, and makes for excellent resume fodder.

What do I need to join the team?

Be a PSU student, enthusiastic, learn quickly, love computers and be insanely curious about them, and have good social skills.

If you decide you want to join up, we ask that you fill out this application (application and code of confidentiality) , print it out and bring it on Induction Day (the following Friday, October 18).

See you there!