Casey Williams, aka Basil, was one of the recipients of the Dean’s Award for Community Engagement at an award ceremony held June 25, 2013.

The Dean’s Award for Community Engagement is given to students who have engaged in an ongoing community service effort off campus. Basil (Casey Williams) of TheCAT was one of the recipients at the awards ceremony on June 25, 2013.


In addition to being one of the primary organizers of the CAT contingent for Maseeh College Orientation Sessions, Basil spent long weekend hours up in one of the Engineering computer labs, assisting with the Technovation Challenge, a program that helps middle school girls learn programming. She has also been a frequent FreeGeek participant.

Basil did all this in addition to putting in some serious time on CAT related work as well, heading up the SyndiCAT (the CAT web team) and becoming their resident LAMP expert. Together with Krinkle (Colleen Murphy), Basil has given Braindumps on web development with a focus on php and MySQL.

She currently works at Cast Iron Coding.