First Meeting and Induction – Oct 18

//First Meeting and Induction – Oct 18

First Meeting and Induction – Oct 18

The orientation last week broke previous attendance records, clocking in at 124 newcomers. Those who attended learned about what the Braindump is, and heard from current and previous CATs about their experience.

This Friday (Oct 18, 2013) at 6pm, the first Braindump meeting for this batch begins. You need to bring your filled-out Braindump Application and Code of Conduct form (

The meeting will last about 4 hours (the usual for most Braindumps) and  consist of about 2 hours of dump and two hours of induction (where  photos are taken, your data entered, your CAT accounts are setup and  your Mentor Session schedule is determined).

If you are interested in joining the latest Braindump (our 21st year), be there at EB 102.

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