Since its inception. the Braindump has never had a firm sense of closure. We would keep going until we ran out of things to talk about. At the one year mark a new cohort of CATs would start their Braindump and the previous cohort would take on the role of mentors during the last three months of participating in their own Braindump. Once topics for sessions were over, the cohort was said to be officially done with the Braindump. Those who were involved with teams or projects within CAT were welcome to remain active members while others went on to internships, jobs or other programs.

With the current Braindump length stretching over 15 months, we felt it was time to give the cohorts a more tangible sense of accomplishment.

In 2015, for the first time since the very beginnings of the CAT (back in 1991), we had the pleasure of having a definitive graduation ceremony for a Braindump cohort. The ORKs (Operations Response Kittens) cohort is the first to be part of a graduation ceremony that not only marks the end of their Braindump batch but also commemorates their hard work, commitment and excellence. CAT alumni, current CATs, family and friends came together to celebrate.

Congratulations everyone!